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In this video, I’ll reveal you just how to produce an affiliate advertising site with wordpress and also conversation gpt.

This web site will certainly enable you to create an on-line store where you can market products from your very own internet site. You’ll have the ability to create an associate advertising platform that allows you to promote your products and earn commissions.

In this video, I’m mosting likely to reveal you exactly how to produce an associate advertising site with wordpress as well as chat gpt.If you’re seeking to enter associate advertising, then this is the best video for you! We’ll be making use of wordpress and conversation gpt to create a completely practical associate advertising and marketing web site. After viewing this video, you’ll be able to produce your own associate advertising web site in no time!


00:00 Intro.
08:55 Get Hosting.
15:35 General Settings.
19:47 Import Demo Website.
30:10 Elementor Overview.
48:18 Create Pages + Menu.
56:50 How To Create A Blog Post.
01:22:35 Blog Strategy.
01:28:18 What Is Domain Authority?
01:42:00 Building A Blog.
02:05:45 Promoting A Blog.
02:11:30 Managing An Affiliate Marketing Blog.
02:22:52 Chat GPT Basics.
02:25:19 Use Chat GPT To BrainStorm Titles Or Topics.
02:26:55 Optimal Prompts For Chat GPT.
02:31:01 Method A For Chat GPT (Crazy Good).
02:38:28 Optimize Blog Post.
02:42:54 SEO Optimize Blog Post.
02:55:33 Complete Ai Content.
02:56:66 Koala Writer.
03:03:37 Create Product Reviews Content.
03:08:23 Creating A Product Review.
03:20:25 SEO Settings.
03:22:40 Connect Website With Google.
03:26:26 Add A SEO Plugin.
03:29:50 Add Google SiteMap.
03:31:10 On Page Optimization.
03:41:16 Theme Customizer Settings.
03:50:09 Edit Product Reviews.
03:56:10 Monetization.
04:00:18 Create Affiliate Links.
04:04:11 Sign Up For Google Adsense.
04:10:03 Google Adsense Alternatives.
04:11:47 Outro.

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