Welcome to our Limelight Procedure, a series dedicated to discussions with change-makers and individuals that have actually made an effect on the community of individuals with specials needs.

In this episode, we had the possibility to talk to Dr. James Williams, CEO of Bloom Consulting, a full-service vocational recovery company. Dr. Williams started his occupation as a teacher, offering pupils with handicaps and with time discovered his enthusiasm for helping people with specials needs on their employment journey.

Dr. Williams shared thoughts on the complying with topics:
1. His medical diagnosis as a teenager as well as ultimate job trip
2. The financial motorists for using people with impairments
3. Advantages to hiring individuals with disabilities, and also escaping from stereotypes for those on the autism range

Keen for more information concerning Bloom Consulting? Take a look at their site: https://www.bloomconsultingco.com/

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