If you’re wanting to establish up your own blog on Ubuntu, then this is the video clip for you! In this full walkthrough, you’ll establish up your extremely own WordPress setup on an Ubuntu cloud instance.

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— Individual Sections–.
00:00 – Intro.
00:31 – Percona.
02:22 – Setting up a circumstances on Akamai Connected Cloud (Akamai is not needed though).
07:31 – Preliminary instance arrangement prior to setting up WordPress.
15:38 – Installing Apache.
17:21 – Setting up a MariaDB/MySQL Database for WordPress.
26:29 – Downloading as well as drawing out WordPress onto our Ubuntu circumstances.
31:02 – Adding a wordpress arrangement documents to Apache.
34:00 – Installing needed PHP packages for WordPress/Apache.
36:08 – Accessing WordPress and adding last configuration values.
39:18 – Adding a Let’s Encrypt certification to our WordPress server using Certbot.

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