Learn how to develop a customized WordPress theme. You will certainly find out a process that you can use to convert any kind of HTML/CSS template right into a WordPress motif.

HTML/CSS layout: https://github.com/wilsmex/blog-site-template

Training Course from Andrew Wilson. Take a look at his YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/followandrew

Training course Contents.
(00:00) Introduction.
(00:51) Responsive Template Overview.
(04:28) WordPress Theme Structure & Location.
(05:51) Create Required Empty Files/ Folders for Theme.
(12:39) Create Theme Screenshot.png documents.
(13:05) WordPress Template Hierarchy.
(14:50) Setting up Style.css File Required Information.
(17:10) Activating the New Theme.
(18:41) Create Theme Home Page Template.
(21:50) Enqueue Styles.
(25:55) Add wp_head() to Head Section.
(33:30) Enqueue Scripts.
(35:02) Add wp_footer() to Foot Section.
(41:25) Create header.php & footer.php Files.
(44:41) Add Dynamic Page Titles.
(48:63) WordPress Auto Thumbnail Sizes.
(50:50) Create Home Page in WordPress Admin Panel.
(53:20) The WordPress Loop.
(56:24) Dynamic Page Title Heading.
(58:01) Create WordPress Menu Area.
(01:03:36) Dynamic Menus.
(01:16:16) Customize Site Logo Upload & Name.
(01:25:12) Add WordPress Posts in Admin Panel.
(01:07:11) Add Feature Image Thumbnail Support.
(01:29:06) Create Single Post Template File.
(01:33:52) Add Post Meta Data.
(01:40:39) Comments & comments Templates.
(01:53:45) Post Archives Page Templates.
(01:57:34) Blog Archive & index.php Templates.
(02:03:39) Post Thumbnails.
(02:07:16) Pagination Links.
(02:10:10) Page Template File.
(02:25:37) 404 Template (Page Not Found).
(02:28:50) Add Searching.
(02:30:50) A Few Extras and also Where to Go.


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