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In this Affiliate Marketing For Beginners video, you will certainly learn what is Affiliate Marketing, who is an Affiliate, how Affiliate Marketing functions, and also just how to obtain started. This is a must-watch session for every person that desires to learn Affiliate Marketing, make extra earnings, as well as additionally for those who wish to make an occupation in electronic marketing.

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00:00 – Affiliate Marketing program
00:24 – Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
01:58 – What Is Affiliate Marketing
04:41 – The Affiliate Marketing Process
07:34 – How Do Affiliate Marketing Marketers Get Paid
10:29 – The Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer
11:34 – Affiliate Marketing Statistics
14:06 – A Typical Affiliate Marketing Earnings Dashboard
15:00 – Affiliate Marketing Key Stakeholders
16:54 – Types Of Affiliate Marketing Channels/Websites
22:34 – How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer
33:41 – What Is Tracking In Affiliate Marketing?
35:45 – QUIZ
38:04 – What Is Affiliate Marketing Fraud
40:30 – How can Brands Prevent Affiliate Marketing Fraud
47:36 – Briefly Explain Digital Marketing
48:28 – What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing In The Industry
50:14 – What Are The 5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Any Websites
51:28 – What Are Keywords?
53:42 – What Are Two Main Ways Of Categorizing Digital Marketing?
55:00 – Most Used Digital Marketing Tools Today
56:00 – What Is PPC
56:58 – What Is Black Hat SEO?
58:52 – What Is White Hat SEO?
59:25 – What Is Gray Hat SEO?
01:01:57 – What Is Google AdWords
01:07:45 – Explain AMP In Brief
01:08:13 – How Can You Assess The Impact Of Social Media Marketing
01:09:12 – Why Is Email Marketing Considered As The Most Effective Way Of Digital Marketing
01:10:34 – How Is Return On Investment Calculated
01:11:44 – What Is The Difference Between Page Sessions And Page Views?
01:12:03 – What Is The Difference Between Google AdSense And AdWords?
01:13:58 – What Is The Difference Between do-follow And no-follow Links In SEO?
01:16:51 – How Can You Measure The Success Of A Social Media Campaign?
01:18:02 – Why Is An Anchor Tag Used As An SEO Practice?
01:18:55 – What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing?
01:23:04 – What Are Some Of The Bidding Options That Are Available?
01:23:40 – What Are Top 5 Cs Of Digital Marketing?
01:29:11 – How Can We Create New Leads For The Marketing Pipeline?
01:29:33 – What Are The Latest Trends In Digital Marketing?
01:31:01 – What Is Viral Marketing?

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