What is the difference in between IT solutions as well as IT getting in touch with? Also in the IT sector, this is a confusing subject given that people call it by various names as well as speak concerning it in various ways, however we can damage it down to ensure that everyone understands the distinctions.

If you are dealing with a firm that provides “BASIC” services like antivirus, patching, reporting, transform your passwords, and come to your office to mount the software. On the other hand, a true IT Consulting firm can offer extra services than that. That is why Michell Consulting Group has actually stayed the same; we are a consulting firm, not just an IT services service provider.

Michell Consulting Group (www.michellgroup.com) is a carrier of top notch IT and also ERP services, consulting, as well as options.

We would like to share our experience as well as educate you exactly how your business can move on in the digital age.

To learn more concerning our firm, click the web link to arrange a meeting with our Sales Team (https://meetings.hubspot.com/gmobley).

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