Many have criticized that (and its founder ) have taken over the average American life, as the company continues to infiltrate all areas of consumerism, past the e-commerce realm and into streaming, groceries, music, and even health care.


But one company people are surprised (er…concerned?) to see Bezos go long in? The NFL.

Amazon Prime purchased the exclusive streaming rights to Thursday Night Football last year after the program’s contract with Fox ended in a deal that reportedly cost the company a cool $1.3 billion.

The deal gives Amazon exclusive rights to stream 15 TNF games and one pre-season game per year.

Amazon is expected to pay up the $1.3 annual price for the duration of its 10-year-long contract making the total price of the deal an estimated $14.5 billion.

Twitter was in stitches Thursday night after photos and video footage surfaced of Bezos looking jolly with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the Thursday Night Football game between the Chiefs and the Chargers, mostly because of how miserable Goodell looked in comparison.

Upon the deal closure with Amazon in March 2021, Goodell seemed to be rather excited about the league’s new partnership.

“Thursday Night Football will be our first-ever digital package and we are thrilled to exclusively partner with Amazon to bring our games to more fans on more platforms,” he said at the time. “NFL football drives passionate viewers and Amazon will enable us to continue to grow our fanbase in innovative and compelling ways.”

Thursday’s game marked the debut of TNF for the 2022-2023 NFL season.

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