You have actually been informed that the main means to make a revenue from your music is by getting a lot more streams.

The reality is Spotify & a lot of streaming systems just pay a SMALL fraction of a cent per stream.

Even if your music got half a million streams, you ‘d only produce a pair hundred bucks.

As well as what can you do with that currently n days?

You’ve also been informed that you need to sign to a record label.

Well 90% of major musicians are singed into “360 Deals” which implies they do not possess their masters PLUS the record labels are qualified to half the profits they make (programs, streams, merch, ect).

This is why you’re seeing numerous artists grumble regarding their bargains and also remain in claims with their labels.

Currently does this seem like something you actually want to enroll in ❓.

This is why artists should NOT send their followers directly to Spotify, apple, ect …

Instead, they should send their followers to a “Fan Funnel”.

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Sending your followers to a platform that pays you a fraction of a cent is bad for your organization.

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