Below’s a consulting instance meeting including an ex-L.E.K. Professional as well as an ex-McKinsey Associate focusing on a market sizing instance.

Your client is a diversified financial investment management company. You have actually been engaged by a little team within the firm that seeks early-stage, high-beta investments. The firm is presently thinking about a $30m financial investment in a crowdsourced helicopter solution in the New York City city.

Enjoy Misha Arora (Ex-L.E. K Consultant & London Business School) run Daniela Boechat (Ex-McKinsey Associate & Columbia Business School) via this consulting mock case meeting.

Video clip Sections:
00:42 Case question
1:40 Clarifying concerns
3:58 Structure
7:07 Market sizing
9:46 Math
16:11 Calculating profits
21:51 Brainstorming
25:11 Chart analysis
28:49 Synthesis

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