Meet Modula 2.0, an entirely redesigned version of the WordPress gallery plugin we both love.

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Your tips and voices have not gone undetected or unheard. We’ve been paying attention to everything and also are tickled to bring you the functions you always wanted …

Introducing Custom Grids

We’re pleased to present customized grids to offer you better flexibility over how you present the pictures on your web site. With Modula 2.0’s brand-new custom-made grid capability you have full control over the size as well as appearance of the photos on your web site. Say goodbye to hoping that the formula gets the job done, you can choose exactly which photo you desire to stand apart.

Guidelines to Help You Make the Perfect Gallery

As a guideline and to make it simpler for you to create the ideal grid, we’ve included the assistant grid which shows up behind your pictures to indicate every prospective layout you might make. As you know, with power comes terrific duty but with the power that Modula 2.0’s custom grids offer you, there’s no demand to stress …

✅ Preview Galleries in Real-Time

And also, obviously, there’s no need to inspect the front-end each time you make a change due to the fact that you can conveniently preview the adjustments you make to your gallery in the WordPress admin area.

Modula 2.0 Blends in With WordPress

In order to develop a more user-friendly interface, we’ve blended our admin dashboard with that of WordPress together.

Drag and Drop to Upload

Easily drag images right into the WordPress admin to add them straight to your gallery.

⚙ Intuitive Settings

Our settings panel has been upgraded to make whatever you require much easier to accessibility quickly.

⚡ Extensions.

Modula 2.0 is now powered by expansions. We look onward to launching much more expansions for Modula 2.0 in the coming months.

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