Each occasion is racked up as well as has 100 factors offered. Click below to see the racking up tables: https://www.armycombatfitnesstest.com/scoringstandards

A substantial THANK YOU to the Oregon Army Nation Guard for aiding me make this video clip. This video clip is NOT sponsored by the United States Army, however I do what to claim that I have a lots of gratitude as well as regard for the males and females who shield this country. To discover even more concerning the Oregon Army Nation Guard see this link:

Unique thank to the following individuals.

Capt. Tom !!
( I keep telling him to get an IG account).

SGT Head
Tik Tok: @kfallsrecruiterarmyguard
IG: kfalls_oregonarmynationalguard

SFC Capel, Dennis
Oregon National Guard

SGT Miller
Tik Tok: @that_one_army_recruiter
IG: Miller1987.jm
Internet site: joinoregonnationalguard.com/Justin_miller

SFC Gallagher
IG: SFC_Gallagher

IG: Madhenryrose

Michael Jordan
IG: @MJ_of_track

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