The iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, a Belmond Train, will run through December this year for the first time. The train’s annual schedule has been extended to include 10 itineraries during the holiday season, offering guests a one-of-a-kind luxury experience traversing through the snow-covered European countryside. The train will run routes between Paris and Venice, Verona, Florence and Vienna.


Journeying on the train, which was made famous by Agatha Christie’s mystery novel (and subsequent film adaptations) Murder on the Orient Express, harkens back to a different era of travel. The one-night stays are the epitome of classic luxury, with guests stepping into the original 1920 and ’30s carriages and immersing themselves in the experience from the moment they hop on.

Boarding begins just before dinner, where riders are served a four-course meal prepared by chef Jean Imbert, who will create a seasonal menu specifically for December itineraries. For those who aren’t ready to call it a night just yet, the midnight brunch in Bar Car 3674 is truly one of its kind. Guests can continue the evening with lobster rolls and truffle club sandwiches as the pianist takes requests until the last guest retires for the night.

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The rooms themselves are works of art, ranging from charming cabins to extravagant suites with 24-hour butler service and endless Champagne. In the morning, breakfast is served in passengers’ cabins, followed by a three-course meal before disembarking the train.

The magical travel experience starts at ?2,920, or roughly $3,400 per person, for a one-night journey.

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