It’s been harder than ever for many young people to move out of their parents’ home in the face of inflation and steep housing markets.

But for Gen Zers ready to take the plunge, it pays to consider the cities that are best suited for 18- to 25-year-olds. A recent CommercialCafe study reported by The New York Times ranks the 45 largest U.S. cities based on affordability, recreational opportunities, unemployment rate, green commuting options, Gen Z population and other metrics.

With the continuing preference for flexible work (58% of U.S. employees reported having the option to work from home at least once per week, according to a McKinsey study), Gen Zers have even more freedom to live wherever they choose.

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Across the board, the best cities for Gen Z are located in the Northwest, Midwest and Southeast. But, perhaps surprisingly given the study’s affordability metric, New York managed to snag spot No. 10 with its fast internet and abundant recreation, dining and green-commuting options.

Minneapolis and Boston took the No. 2 and No. 3 titles, respectively, banking on their affordability and Gen Z education levels.

At the top of the list? Atlanta, with its affordability, low unemployment, highly educated Gen Z population and numerous parks.

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Tucson, AZ; Raleigh, NC; Columbus, OH; Seattle, WA; Austin, TX and El Paso, TX rounded out the rest of the top ten. The full results are available here.

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