An accident on 1-40 in Oklahoma was so shocking that it even made a local news team blush.

News 9 via Twitter
News 9 via Twitter

A semi-truck crashed off of the interstate near Mustang Road in Oklahoma City and spilled what appears to be hundreds of dildos and lubricant all over the highway, stopping traffic and causing quite the scene.

The news was broadcast by local station News 9 when the broadcasters hilariously noticed what had fallen all over the ground, notably the boxes that read “fake phallus.”

“Jim, can you tell what he’s carrying there? What’s all over the road,” one newscaster asked, followed by silence.

The camera zoomed in as the newscasters awkwardly tried to avoid what was blatant to the eye.

One clip of the video on Twitter has been viewed over 5 million times, garnering thousands of cheeky responses from across the internet.

The incident even caught the attention of adult entertainment company CamSoda who is setting out to provide “immediate relief to those affected by the loss of inventory” by dispatching multiple trucks full of adult toys and lubricants to replace what had been damaged in the crash.

“Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the accident. We understand these are stressful times and these supplies are what help people take a load off,” said Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda, calling the crash a “devastating loss.”

No injuries were sustained and the driver is in stable condition, though we can’t say the same about those who won’t be receiving their deliveries.

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