Tada! YOOtheme Pro 3.0 has actually simply been launched. It took us over 9 months and also 3 UIkit function releases to get this infant ready, but it became without a doubt the most feature-rich launch we have actually ever before had. To start with, YOOtheme Pro 3.0 comes with … drum roll please … the Mega Menus. Now you can develop advanced dropdown formats with the YOOtheme Pro page home builder. And after that there is a brand-new aspect called Sublayout which enables you to nest web page building contractor rows right into each other. Oh, and also keep in mind those sensational sticky parallax results from UIkit? Well, now you can develop them directly in YOOtheme Pro. And also that is just the tip of the iceberg! Go get a coffee or even much better a coffee pot and let’s get begun.

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0:00 Introduction
0:43 Mega Menu Builder
1:30 Menu Item Source and also Nav Element
1:57 Dropdowns Anywhere
2:15 Menu Item Settings
3:33 Menu Position Settings
4:25 Header Layouts
5:34 Dialog Layouts
6:55 Dropbar Dialog Layouts
7:49 Search, Socials and also Dialog Toggle
8:17 Mobile Header
9:29 Updated YOOtheme Pro Theme Packages
10:23 45+ Dropdown Layouts
11:02 Builder Anywhere
11:31 Sublayout Element
12:13 Sticky Parallax
13:37 Parallax Effects
14:57 Sticky Section
15:27 Builder Columns
16:01 Lazy Loading Images
16:47 Next-generation Images
17:46 Sneaked into 2.7
19:16 Further Element Updates
19:53 Style Improvements
20:56 120+ Videos + Documentation
21:23 Further Improvements
22:12 Next Steps


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